Tornado Giveaway: July 8th is My Day

Today, it’s my turn! I am the 8th Author in the Tornado Giveaway I will give 10 copies of my book to 10 lucky winners. To enter the giveaway, scroll down to the bottom of this post. To see all the books that are part of the Tornado Giveaway, click here Today is all about Butterfly Season. Rafflecopter … Continue reading Tornado Giveaway: July 8th is My Day

Book Review : Butterfly Season

One of the best reviews I’ve gotten so far…

One and a Half Minutes

Image Courtesy: Indireads Image Courtesy: Indireads

Blurb View:

On her first holiday in six years, Rumi is expecting to relax and unwind. But when she is set up by her long-time friend, she doesn’t shy away from the possibilities. Ahad, a charming, independent, self-made man, captures her imagination, drawing her away from her disapproving sister, Juveria.

Faced with sizzling chemistry and a meeting of the minds, Ahad and Rumi find themselves deep in a relationship that moves forward with growing intensity. But as her desire for the self-assured Ahad grows, Rumi struggles with a decision that will impact the rest of her life.

Confronted by her scandalized sister, a forbidding uncle and a society that frowns on pre-marital intimacy, Rumi has to decide whether to shed her middle-class sensibilities, turning her back on her family, or return to her secluded existence as an unmarried woman in Pakistan.

We follow Rumi from rainy London to a…

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Butterfly Season: Natasha Ahmed

Great review of Butterfly Season by Liz Baldwin!


Right, so today I am celebrating for doing so much better than I thought I had in an essay. I have been panicking about this essay for what feels like forever. So, after being pleasantly surprised, I have celebrated by taking the entire day off to read, and blog and review! I’ve been reading this book on and off for around a week and it really is a lovely, interesting and well-written book. This was sent to me through my very popular reviews page, and is described by the author as a South Asian romance. However it turned out to be so much more than that, and I rather feel the author undersold it to me because it works rather brilliantly. The use of differing locations, cultures and social constructs leads to a book with a very interesting and quirky plotline. Additionally, and I know you shouldn’t judge a book…

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Travelling to the Land of Butterflies

A few years earlier, a scandal ran through Karachi’s middle classes when several cyber cafés released videos of couples necking (and a lot more) in the small private booths of their establishments. The couples were unaware that they were being filmed and some of the videos were incredibly explicit. To the sensibilities of ordinary Pakistanis, […]

Writer’s Kaboodle Interviews Natasha Ahmed

On February 6, 2014, the lovely Sezoni Whitfield interviewed me on Twitter. It was my first interview, and I had butterflies in my stomach right until we started. But Sezoni's a fantastic interviewer. She let me ramble on in the beginning, and then guided me to saner avenues when I was finally in stride. I … Continue reading Writer’s Kaboodle Interviews Natasha Ahmed